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Are you a doctor, researcher, or an investor who wants to settle down in the UAE? To make sure permanent settlement in the UAE, it is essential to get a golden visa. If you are from a different country, then having a golden visa UAE will help you reside, set up your business, work in an office, or study in the UAE with ease. You do not have to partner with a local sponsor for settling down in the UAE. Foreign business owners and investors are also permitted to stay in the UAE. In order to have a secure permanent residency in the UAE, it is imperative to get a golden visa.

Peek Into Golden Visa

The golden visa in UAE offers residency to foreign expats on a long-term basis. People who have a high income can afford a golden visa. Moreover, it is necessary that people should belong to specified groups such as entrepreneurs, investors, medical professionals, bright students and educators. The motive of the golden visa in UAE is to let the talented people stay in the country. People who have a golden visa and are willing to stay in the UAE on a permanent basis can receive additional benefits from the government. There are five categories of golden visa in UAE such as golden residency for investors, scientists, businessmen and businesswomen, eminent students and chief executives.

Golden visa holders who are into business in the UAE are also offered with commercial benefits in order to encourage people with investments in the UAE. People with a golden visa will be entitled to offers and discounts on property, cars, hospitality, healthcare, banking and health insurance services. Golden visa can be valid for up to 10 years. Golden visas were introduced to motivate highly talented foreign investors and exceptional workers who wish to put deeper roots in the UAE. Talented people who have long-term residence are entitled to stay in Abu Dhabi for 5 to 10 years. Athletes, creative people and real estate investors are also entitled to a golden visa. High school pupils, high-performing university students and dependent siblings are also eligible for a golden visa.

Requirements For Business Entrepreneurs And Foreign Investors

Entrepreneurs should have a capital of AED 500,000 and they must provide the approval of a business startup which is recognized officially in the country. The long-term visa consists of a business partner, a family and three executives. Entrepreneurs who have a multi-entry visa should renew their visa for the next six months. Entrepreneurs should present documents of the health insurance for his or her family.

Foreign investors should have an investment of at least AED 10 million worth. The amount should either be in the form of an investment fund or in the form of a business organization. The investors are not allowed to loan the invested amount. For three years, the investors should maintain the investment. The documents of health insurance of the foreign investors and his or her family must be presented to the authorities. The long-term visa can be allowed for an advisor, executive director and the holder’s family.

3D Printing Of Dubai

Dubai will soon become a global hub of 3D printing which will provide a platform that will help unite all stakeholders who work in different sectors. The 3D printing Dubai aims to support health, economic, governmental and scientific industries.

The need of 3D printing was realized during the covid pandemic which emphasized on creating a network that facilitates 3D printing technology at all times.

In order to meet the changing demands of various sectors and industries, 3D printing is introduced.

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