Don’t throw away that old mattress! Promote sustainability by donating it


So, now that you got a new mattress, you want to throw away the old one as it has no place in your home. Do you know that you can give them away to charitable organizations? Mattress disposal does not necessarily have to be throwing them off. By giving them for reuse to the needy, you can enter the chain of sustainable living. 

Why should you give your mattress away for reuse?

By throwing away your not-so-old mattress, you are only adding your part to the piles of waste ending up in landfills. When a product is still in its usable form, but you want to get a new one, why not give the old one a new life? 

Not everyone is fortunate enough to change their old mattresses. Some cannot even own one in their lifetime. What more joy can you have than knowing that your act of giving away the mattress is letting someone sleep well for once? 

Is there any condition requirement for donating the mattress?

Yes, you can only donate clean, usable mattresses. There is no need for instructions on what a donatable mattress should look like! 

As a mattress user, you know very well if the mattress is any more usable. Please have some empathy while donating. Donation is not a means of discarding your old belongings. 

A lot of things that end up in the donation pile are useless products. It happens due to people being selfish and considering donation as a means to throw away old worn-out stuff. Please ensure that you are giving neat and good quality used mattresses only. 

What to do if the mattress is in an unusable form, but you want to be sustainable?

Recycling is the best option for you. There are numerous organizations recycling mattresses in Canada today. 

Almost 95% of the content inside a mattress is recyclable. Most of these are reusable raw materials to make other products. For example, metal, wood, polyurethane, etc., are some of the materials found inside mattresses. 

Final Takeaways

Under any circumstance, you should not throw away a mattress. You are only increasing the waste when there are many sustainable ways to give a new life to the mattress. 

You can do your part by opting to give away the product to someone in need or give it for recycling. The world is going through climate change, so every bit of contribution to sustainability matters. 

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