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If you are a college student or small apartment renter, you should know by now the best way to a good day usually involves a cup of coffee in the morning. If you had a coffee cart, which is simply a table set on a set of swivel casters with lock, you would be able to take your coffee-making station around the house or room with you easily.

So to keep you well caffeinated, here are a few ideas on how to build your own coffee cart without many tools.

Acquire A Few Tools

For most of these projects, having a drill and driver are extremely useful and can do most of the work down the road. Add a tape measure to the list of required tools. A couple of extra items that aren’t necessary but totally fair game are things like a square and a hammer.

Grab the Materials

No matter where you go, most home improvement stores will have everything you need to build a coffee cart. They will even cut the wood for you if you come with specific dimensions.

The basics of any coffee cart include a top sheet and a bottom sheet, with the middle sheet being optional for extra storage. To connect each of these sheets together, you can use PVC or cast iron piping. Pick up at least 4 pipes and 8 connector risers to mount them to the plywood sheets.

Build the Cart

Now that you have all of your pieces back at home with you, screw in the connector risers into the sheets on one side, evenly spaced in all four corners. Do the same for the other sheet. Once it starts to resemble a cube, you can add the casters to the bottom and start rolling it around!

Add Finishing Touches

Whether you want to leave the wood bare is up to you, however, you’ll want to consider adding a stain or spray paint finish to the top in order to prevent water damage. Doing this now will save you time later if you end up having to replace or repair the top sheet due to a coffee spill!

All in all, building your own coffee cart isn’t that difficult, as long as you have the basic tools. Now you get to enjoy the benefits of taking your coffee with you all over the house at a fraction of the cost.

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