Crypto Gifting to Your Loved Ahead of the Bitcoin Revolution 


Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency, or you have some experience, you need a good management plan. Having a fail-safe ecosystem that helps you earn while managing your assets is essential. Thankfully, you can get it all at OSOM Finance. In addition to being a haven for your crypto assets, you can now send a crypto gift from OSOM Finance.

What Does Crypto Gifting Mean?

Essentially, this feature allows you to share your Bitcoins as gifts to your loved ones worldwide. Not only is Bitcoin a next-level treasure, but it also has much potential in the coming years.

One benefit of gifting crypto from OSOM finance is that the recipients can receive your gift without seeking any external authorization. This makes the process easy and hassle-free for you and your beneficiaries.

Why You Should Gift Crypto Using OSOM Finance

  •  1. It’s An Easy Way To Leverage The Valuable Asset Called Bitcoin

Besides the fact that Bitcoin is becoming a more valuable asset, many investors have recognized its vast potential. Often referred to as digital gold, several companies have purchased the token in large quantities to add to their monetary reserves. For starters, owning Bitcoin is an excellent way to hedge your funds, so hop on the train and start gifting your loved ones.

The process of gifting crypto using OSOM finance is as easy as A, B, C.

A. Activate an OSOM account and verify your identity.

B. Buy the desired amount of tokens you want by depositing EUR from your bank account.

C. Choose the number of tokens you want to send and send the link to your beneficiary.

  • 2. With OSOM, The Safety Of Your Assets Are Guaranteed

The level of security OSOM provides to secure your assets is incredible. OSOM, in partnership with the security that comes with virtual wallets, enlists the help of the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. This extra layer of security has made it a favorite of countless users across the globe.

  •  3. With OSOM, You Earn As You Invest and Send

Although mining Bitcoin and other cryptos can be complex to grasp, OSOM has simplified it for everyone. With OSOM, you can cloud mine crypto as you save, and your beneficiaries can mine easily too. What’s more, OSOM keeps tabs on the optimization algorithms and provides you with real-time opportunities to explore.

With their smart diversification feature, you don’t need to worry about going through the technicalities of increasing your asset value. The system does it for you. With OSOM, you can choose from several optimized trading options to increase your assets. You’re the boss.

  •  4. With OSOM, You Can Rest Assured Of Minimal Asset Value Decline

With hidden charges and exorbitant drawdowns becoming a trend, OSOM offers the “what you see is what you get” service. This means the 10% commission from your Bitcoin profit is what you pay.

Gone are the days of gifting socks and spirits to your loved ones. Choose to give crypto using OSOM finance so they can take part in the next industrial revolution.

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