CIS Payroll for Construction Contractors


The existence of residential and commercial properties becomes real through construction projects. Employees who participate are entitled to CIS. Familiarize with it below:

Nature of CIS Payroll

Those who belong to the construction industry are familiar with CIS payroll. It means construction industry scheme. Part of it is the payment processing that contractors give to subcontractors. The contractor can distribute it in-house or let a business giving payroll handle it. Payments for it undergo the same processing as everything else.

Deductions that it has go to the HMRC. The receipt shows the amount subcontractors get. As an employer can have PAYE registration, it can also have a simultaneous one with CIS. With the requirements of HMRC in mind, the payroll system for CIS/PAYE can exist together. Staff belonging to diverse divisions can receive payments.

Qualified under CIS

Only construction contractors and their subcontractors can have a CIS. Having business subcontractors automatically qualifies for it. Contractors in the industry for a minimum of three years who spend at least $1.3M are entitled to it. A subcontractor serves a contractor on a project. Duties for tax and legal matters exist for contractors and subcontractors.

CIS Coverage

It is automatic for construction owners and subcontractors to have CIS coverage including freelance. The CIS wants enrollment of sole traders, corporations, and partnerships as a legal obligation. But subcontractors have the option to also register despite the non-existence of legal requirements. They can receive its benefits with the desire to do so.

The nature of subcontractors is handling a larger scope of projects under a contractor. However, surveyors and designers in construction are out of CIS.

The Necessity for CIS Payroll

Know whether there is a need to enroll for CIS payroll. It is a contractor’s choice to avail of it or do it within the business. Consider these factors in seeking the service:

Skill Gap Closing Cost

When the business representative knows PAYE, further knowledge on CIS is required. Since it needs more spending, an outsourced service is an option. The business that handles it knows the construction industry well.

Eligibility Modification

A subcontractor who can also have its subcontractors can find an outside CIS service to handle the payment processing. Business representatives who lack knowledge in CIS can also avail themselves of the service.

CIS payroll involves many facets of finances and legal matters. Consider these before the interest for a CIS service:

Lowest Wage

It is a legal requirement for subcontractors to receive the lowest wage at the minimum. The Payroll system allows them to receive the wages that they deserve.

Statutory Rewards

There are no provisions in paying for sickness, maternity, holiday, or paternity. As part of CIS, schemes in the government can aid constructions workers for these.

Pension Amount

Pension belonging to a government scheme is for subcontractors who receive beyond $13,897.8 annually to have automatic enrollment. There is no obligation for contractors to match the obligation.

Law for Work

Government rules for CIS keep on altering. In this regard, it is important to know the new policies. An outside CIS service can tell the contractor these.   

Construction contractors belong to CIS for a proper payment processing system of their subcontractors. Determine the need and seek it as necessary.

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