Buying Tips And Guides: Which Camping Tent To Choose?


On the market, you will find all kinds of tent such as 10×10 pop up tent, tent canvases, small, medium, large, inflatable, tunnels, domes, heavy, and light enough to make you hesitate. Therefore, we have listed the different elements that will allow you to choose the right tent for your camping holiday.

The most common criteria for choosing a tent:

  • Number of people (children or adults)
  • Number of rooms desired: Bedroom, Living room.
  • Tent shape: Tunnel, Dome, Canopy, Tipi.

The fabric: polyester, polycotton, or siliconized polyester


  • Hiking / Trekking
  • Short-term camping
  • Long-term camping

Comfort and practicality: groundsheet is sewn or not, inflatable tent or classic frame, cable entry, or darkroom options. All these points are developed below. After defining these criteria, the choice will be reduced, and you will find the product you need more easily.

Number Of Persons

It is important to know how many people will sleep in the tent to know which tent you will choose. Our tents are classified by the number of people they can accommodate and carry this figure in their name. For example, the Diablo 6 model can accommodate 6 people. For more comfort, do not hesitate to take a model that can accommodate one or two additional people; this will allow you more space to store your belongings.

Number Of Rooms Required:

What are you going to do on your vacation? Do you plan to stay on your campsite or use your tent only for sleeping? By determining this, you will be able to determine your needs regarding the desired parts. If you’re staying at your campsite and planning to eat there regularly, you’ll probably need a tent with a living room so you can pack up there in case of rain. If you only use your tent to sleep in, you prefer spaces in the bedrooms.

Tent Shape:

There are different forms of tent: the tipi, the tunnel, the dome, and the Canadian.

The tepee: The tipi is distinguished by its floor space and the top of the tent, gathering in a peak. This type of tent offers a large floor space, allowing the installation of large beds. The teepee has a very user-friendly side which is ideal for games under the tent in bad weather.

The tunnel: The tunnel tent is a tent that has parallel poles. These tents offer good wind resistance but require a large outdoor space because they must be guyed to stand up, not self-supporting.

The dome: Dome tents are characterized by two criteria: their poles intersect (often at the top of the tent), and they are mostly freestanding. The advantage of these tents is that they are quick to pitch because it is possible not to picket or buy them. However, we advise you to stake them to prevent your tent from blowing away in the wind.

The Canadian: These tents from Renegade Plastics for example have the shape of the first camping tents and those most popular with our friends, the scouts. These tents look like houses and are very practical to accommodate many people. They are used almost solely for sleeping purposes, offering no other room or central space.


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