After the Divorce: Rebuilding Your Life Law


Whether you were married for a year or 20 years, a divorce is an end to hopes, dreams, and companionship. That is why it can be a challenging transition from together to alone. Although dealing with the emotions, physical changes, and the new monetary situation can be frustrating, there are other stages of change you will find yourself in as well. Here are a few.


Many people believe they can keep their inner turmoil tamped down until it goes away. Whether pain, sadness, or loneliness, the emotions are real and need to be dealt with. Contact a trained therapist and talk to them. Not only will they listen, but they can offer helpful advice.


You know life moves on, but sometimes it can be difficult to watch everyone go on without you after a divorce. You may be dealing with negative emotions that keep others from contacting you, and the healing can make you irritable when friends do call. Although there is no easy solution for moving through the pain, you can accept your negativity and realize it will pass once you allow it to.


Being a parent after a divorce is difficult. Money may be an issue, scheduling will be troublesome, and you may feel abandoned. Contact your attorney and discuss your new circumstances. Consider child support modifications Boise ID, visitation changes, or spousal contribution revisions.


When you leave your old life behind, you may be leaving friends and family as well. To help reinvent your new world, make new friends. You can take a cooking class, attend social lectures, or go back to school. The world is open to a wealth of possibilities of what you can do and how you can remake yourself.

Divorce may feel like the end of the world, but it isn’t. You will move on, and as you gain more confidence in your new life, you will become a new person. Use these ideas to begin your new path today, and as you move through the changes, you will come out stronger.


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