A Guide to Printed Doormats and How They Are Made?


Ultimate Mats specializes in printed floor mats for business clients in the UK and across the world. Learn how we create printed doormats that wow consumers and visitors by conveying your marketing messages and welcoming wishes.

Printed floor mats are one of our most popular items since customers can receive the precise mat they need to fit their property. Custom printed doormats are made for any indoor or outdoor situation and can endure for many years, displaying your company’s logo or colors to visitors, customers, and workers.

How Does One Create and Print a Doormat?

When you work with a reputable matting business like Ultimate Mats, you may print any design, branding, or trademark.

We are quite skilled in dealing with wet flooring in the winter, bringing life to dull floor areas, and creating custom-printed doormats. We provide amazing lead times, so even if you want urgent matting, our staff can assist.

How Do You Customize a Doormat?

All the client has to do is provide us with a copy of their design, and our experienced staff will create a mock-up of the personalized doormat and return it back to them. If any changes are necessary, we can make them as well. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll set to work building your unique printed mats using our cutting-edge printers and matting materials.

Classic Impressions HD Logo Mats are capable of fine details, shading, 3D pictures, and HD printing. Colors are dyed into the carpet pile permanently using a digital printer and then treated with a special stain stopper to prevent color loss.

Instead of just printing on the surface of the mat, colors are deep-dyed into the high-twist nylon carpet pile to ensure the pattern is visible for years to come.

After the pattern has been printed, the mat is trimmed to size before the rubber backing and border are placed using a specialized heating technique.

The printed mats are then packaged and ready to send to the client.

What Are the Materials Used to Create a Printed Door Mat?

When ordering printed floor mats to reflect your company and brand, it is critical to choose a high-quality floor mat that is constructed with care and to the greatest standards. Our branded matting materials are available in a variety of colors that are dark enough to conceal any mud, dust, or dirt that has been trapped. Our printed mats are also appropriate for high static locations such as in front of elevators.

  • Heavy-duty 100% solution dyed high twist nylon
  • Premium nitrile rubber backing that is non-slip

Can Coir Logo Mats Be Printed?

Printed coir doormats go via a separate manufacturing procedure. Rather than printing, the logo, branding, or message is sliced and put into the coir logo mat.

This is a more time-consuming and sophisticated technique than a nylon mat, but the final product is typically magnificent and will give any entryway that wow factor and lasting first impression.

The Benefits of Printed Floor Mats

You will be able to make use of the advantages once the product is delivered, whether you choose a custom-printed coir mat or a rubber-backed printed floor mat.

  • Personalized high-definition designs
  • Display the company name, logo, branding, or a greeting at the entrance.
  • Custom sizes are available to fit any location;
  • Capture grit and debris;
  • Prevent moisture problems at the entry;

Customers looking for a high-performance floor mat may see the options on our printed doormats page.

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