7 Trends for Commercial Interior Design


Your office is the most valued place apart from your home. You often renovate your home from time to time with all the new modern trends. In the same way, your office also needs renovation. Modern offices are not as dull as previously they were. Since people tend to spend most of the time in the office, it needs to be comfortable. In Singapore, there are many offices with all the modern facilities and technologies.

Commercial interior designers

Offices with files piled up and things scattered everywhere do not look good. To make your office alluring, you need a commercial interior designer. They are the people who have mastered the art of designing offices and making them beautiful. All offices are not of equal sizes. Some offices are small. Interior designers intelligently make space for you to keep all your files and documents and things you require while keeping it neat and clean.

Coronavirus and new commercial interior designs

The Covid-19 has turned our world upside- down. A lot of changes are seen since 2020 in our everyday life. Work from home to getting back to ‘new normal,’ alteration is found in every aspect of our lives. Changes are seen in our workspace also. Offices are strictly maintaining Covid protocols to make the work environment safe for everyone. Keeping all these covid protocols in mind, commercial interior designers are renovating the offices with all the new trends.

We all have trends in fashion. Commercial interior design also follows few trends. This article will discuss the number of trends and the best commercial interior designs in Singapore in the post-Covid world.

  1. Creating individual workspace- Previously, the emphasis was more on the open office. It was majorly because employee collaborations were increasing. But due to Covid, people need to maintain a minimum distance. Thus the idea of an open office faced a setback. However, commercial interior designers are designing the individual workspace innovatively. It can help the employees to collaborate and work without any trouble.  
  1. Use of sustainable, antimicrobial products- The interior designers in Singapore also try to use furniture made of natural products instead of plastic like bamboo, wood, acacia, rattan, etc. These help to generate less waste as they are eco-friendly and can last longer. Using these can help to protect the environment. Apart from this, commercial interior designers are also using materials that have antimicrobial properties. Different furniture like chairs, tables, door handles, etc., have this material. It is due to the coronavirus. We know that the coronavirus can stay on objects for quite a long time. And when we touch them, we can also get the virus and fall ill. Materials like copper, silver, aluminum, steel have antimicrobial qualities. If you are changing your office furniture, read more about office furniture in Singapore
  1. Use of biophilic designs- The biophilic design help to bring nature into the office. And it is not restricted to only placing plants and allowing natural lights to enter the office. The use of more natural organic products and materials helps to create a healthy environment in the office. It also helps to remove the mundane office vibe and makes people happy. It is advisable to use organic pieces of cotton. Also, use fresh scents like lavender and rosemary can help to uplift the mood of the employees.
  1. Use of geometric designs- Geometric designs are very trending nowadays. You can use these in conference halls, lobbies, etc. It catches attention. And makes your office look more aesthetic. If you have sofas in the office, use covers that have geometric designs. You can also have these designs on the walls. Ask your commercial designers they will provide you with more such ideas.
  1. Using eye-soothing colors- It is another new trend that commercial interior designers follow. They use solid, eye-soothing colors for office furniture and on the walls. Bright colors generally don’t look aesthetic in offices. The commercial interior designers have palettes of colors that beautifully mix and match and coordinate the colors to give a beautiful look to your office.
  1. Redesigning conference room– The conference room is the place for meetings. And people work in collaboration. In the present situation, social distancing has become the primary concern. For this reason, the interior designers are partitioning the conference rooms so that employees can work efficiently in collaboration. And can simultaneously maintain the distance.
  1. Use of technology- Technologies are reaching new heights every day. They are also helping us to lead a more comfortable life. The spread of Covid-19 has made our lives very difficult. The coronavirus stays on objects for long periods. When we touch them, we can come in contact with the virus. For reasons like these, offices are using smart devices. The smart device work on voice commands. They have sensors so that you don’t need to touch them. Interior designers are installing these voice assistant features and devices in the office.

Thus in many ways, the interior designers are trying to make the office space safe to work. These are some of the trends that commercial interior designers are following in Singapore. Technologies have made our lives very easy. Commercial interior designers are using them to make our workplace safer.  

To sum up

A nice, neat and clean, and well-decorated office is always more attractive than the unorganised one. There are many offices not well organised and have piles of files lying here and there. It does not look good. Commercial interior designers can come to the rescue in such cases. They have brilliant ideas and plans to help you organise your office well, even if it is small.

In Singapore, there are several well-recognized commercial interior designers. They have good experience in this work and also have the best customer’s reviews. Search them on the internet. Contact them to get the latest technologies and trends in your office. Make your office aesthetic. It can help to create a good impression on your clients who come to your office.  

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