5 Tips for Bringing Customers to Your Bar


If you’re thinking about opening a bar, bringing in customers is your biggest challenge. Here are some tips.

1. Remember the Cable Television

Your customers enjoy watching the game while they drink and visit with friends, so be sure and have cable television installed so your customers can watch all the games without interruptions. Contact cable plant management Dayton for more information.

2. Pick Out Fun Decor

Pick out fun paraphernalia, including vintage photos and banners that match the theme of your bar. The eye-catching decor creates a festive mood, and your customers will enjoy seeing all the different pictures on your walls.

3. Host a Happy Hour and Other Events

Bring in customers by hosting a weekly happy hour. Provide a menu with discounts on other foods that are inexpensive for you to prepare. Once your customers have tried the delicious cocktails you provide, they’ll stay longer and pay full price for additional drinks.

Also, host a weekly Karaoke night where your customers can take turns singing their favorite hits. Having weekly events is a great way to build your customer base.

4. Hire Excellent Bartenders

Get strict when vetting employees for your bar so that you get good quality staff. That way, you’re less likely to see turnovers. Reward your employees by offering incentive pay and bonuses as well as raises. Provide training to your hardest-working employees so they can earn promotions.

5. Practice Safety

Be diligent about keeping everyone safe. You can be sued or even face criminal fines if your bar serves liquor to an inebriated person or to a minor. Invest in liquor liability coverage for your bar and provide your staff with training so they can recognize when to call a cab for one of your patrons.

Running a bar can be a lot of work, but with the right staff, it can be a thriving business.

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