5 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting an Electric Company


Shopping for a new electricity provider can be a daunting task. With the state’s recent deregulation, there are a lot of companies to choose from, and they all offer varying rates.

The key is finding a retailer that fits your needs, including price, green energy options, and customer service. 


Whether you live in a deregulated or regulated market, there are many companies to choose from for your electricity. It can be overwhelming. 

If you’re in a regulated market, finding your electric company Nassau County NY is easy—look at a recent electricity bill and find the item that says “electric supply services.” It will give you the name of your retail energy provider (REP). When choosing an electricity provider, research each one to see which plans they offer and what they are rated for in customer service, environmental responsibility, or shared values. Also, look for promotions such as pay-on-time discounts and direct debit discount offers.

Customer Service

Answering questions and addressing complaints promptly is crucial to outstanding customer service. It also involves listening to customers and providing the best solutions.

Utility companies maintain and operate the power lines that send electricity to homes and businesses in their territories. They are responsible for restoring service after a storm or other power supply disruptions.

When choosing an electricity provider, consider their reputation for customer service. You may learn a lot about an energy company’s level of customer service by conducting a short internet search. You can also learn about a retailer’s background and track record by seeking third-party verification through retailer vetting websites.


Choosing an electricity company with competitive rates can help you save money in the long run. The rate you pay per kilowatt-hour is based on many factors, including utility charges, regulatory conditions, energy sources, and consumption level.

A quality electric company will offer a variety of plans to meet your specific needs. For example, some providers offer fixed-rate plans that allow you to lock in a monthly energy rate for the duration of your contract. Others offer incentive plans like free nights and weekends for energy-efficient customers.

Consider a provider that doesn’t charge fees for switching to or terminating a plan. It can help you avoid unexpected charges on your utility bill. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the simplest way to save money on electric bills and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. It also helps the economy, benefits families and businesses, and improves the quality of life in our communities.

Many communities have energy-efficiency requirements in their building codes and inspections and require that home sellers disclose and conduct an energy inspection. These requirements help encourage home and business owners to make energy-efficiency upgrades.

Electric utilities deliver power to households in deregulated markets, and competitive suppliers supply electricity. To find out who supplies power in your area, ask your local utility company or contact your city hall. Knowing if your electricity is generated through renewable or nonrenewable resources is important. Renewable energy is more sustainable and better for the environment.

Alternative Energy

On a human time scale, sources of renewable energy include the sun, wind, water flowing (hydroelectricity), earth’s heat (geothermal energy), and plant materials (biomass). They can be used to produce electricity, steam for industrial processes, or to drive mechanical devices.

Renewable facilities utilize indigenous fuels, reducing the balance of payment problems and exposure to fluctuating international prices. Their construction and operation usually trigger significant local economic activity.

Purchasing electricity from a provider offering renewable energy plans is an effective way to support the growth of these emerging technologies without investing in solar panels or a wind turbine for your home. Energy from renewables enters the grid via the same channels that all other electricity does and has no impact on your electricity rates or availability.


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