4 Things You Should Know About Bail Bonds

Bail bond. Corruption. Gavel, handcuffs and money.

Bail bonds are loans. Therefore, they have fees and may require collateral. A surety will then pay the entire bail for offenders, but if these individuals do not fulfill all their court obligations, the surety may lose all the money they paid. Prior to searching for “bail bonds near me Allentown PA,” consider learning more about bail bonds.

Bond Influences

The bond may be set when the offender is arrested or during a hearing to review the case. After individuals’ criminal records are reviewed, the court will determine whether they pose a threat to others in the community. The offense is reviewed, and its severity has the greatest impact on whether individuals are awarded bail. Each of these factors may cause increased, decreased or denial of bail.


Bail bonds are not available in every state. In fact, 7 states, such as Oregon, Massachusetts and Nebraska, and Washington DC do not allow bail bonds. In addition, commercial bail systems are only available in the United States and Philippines. No other country honors bail bonds. Therefore, if you are in a state or country that does not allow bail bonds, you must pay your full bail yourself.


The bail bond process is regulated by the state. States set the amount of bail that can be bonded and the amount a surety fees charged to the client. Therefore, most sureties will charge the same amount. If you find a company that charges a different amount, beware.

Bail Returned

Although the full bail amount is returned to the surety after the offender has met all the court requirements, the principal, or the person who contracted the surety to pay the bail, will not receive a refund of the bond fees. This, typically 10%, fee is retained by the surety as a fee for the bond service.

You have options if you or a loved one are arrested and must post bail to be released. If you pursue a surety bond, be sure you are informed about your obligations and the benefits of these services.

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