4 Places To Sell or Donate Your Treasures in Pennsylvania Business


When you are looking for a way to lift your spirits, cleaning out unnecessary clutter around your house can be an easy way to reduce stress while also improving your home’s appearance. After piling all of your unwanted possessions into a box (or ten), however, what are you supposed to do?

While some people like to host yard sales, others lack the time and space to do that. Instead, they have to find other ways to get rid of their junk. If this sounds familiar, then you are in luck. Check out these four places to sell or donate your treasures in Pennsylvania. 

1. Scrap Yards

If your basement or attic has been the home of retired computers, printers, car parts, heaters or AC units, there is a good chance that you can make some extra cash at ascrap yard Stoystown. By selling unwanted metals to somewhere like this, you can help the environment by recycling while also fattening your wallet. Everyone wins.

2. Auctions

For non-metal items or just taking on a different selling approach for your electronics, another option to try is auctioning off your possessions. In many towns around the United States, local communities come together via a regular reschedule at a central gathering location. Check your local newspaper for more information.

3. Thrift Stores

Although you may not make any money by getting rid of your belongings this route, there are still numerous benefits to doing so. For starters, it is one easy way to help a local nonprofit charity as well as your local community. For two, it feels good to do good. Why not make the world a better place?

4. Used Furniture Stores

For old furniture that is still in good condition, you may want to try selling it to local used furniture shops. While these places tend to be picky with their selection, they often purchase inventory from locals who need to get rid of various furnishings. 

Clearing out your home’s old treasures can be more rewarding when there is cash involved. Use this list to boost your motivation.

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